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“Rasmussen Consulting” on the science behind Lego Serious Play

This article explores the scientific backdrop against which the value of Lego Serious Play becomes clear. By looking at the theories behind play, constructionism, hand-mind connection, imagination and the use of metaphors, the article explains how Lego can be used to enhance social bonding, emotional expression and cognitive development. The practical and constructive role that metaphors play in our everyday lives is explained, and illustrates how valuable these can be in understanding the world around us. A must-read for everyone that has done, or is going to do, a Lego Serious Play session.

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“Elsevier” magazine on why decision makers bring in the Lego

In this article, taken from the September 23rd, 2017 edition of the Dutch magazine Elsevier, Ruud Deijkers outlines the history of Lego Serious Play and talks about the scientific background for creating something with your hands as a valuable means to aid the thinking process. The article refers to the usefulness of metaphors and the ease with which those are created using Lego.

This article is written in Dutch.

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“Views” magazine on adding Lego Serious Play to your toolbox

Donna S. Denio outlines the possibilities that Lego Serious Play offers. Construction-oriented projectives, she writes, bypass the need to write out complicated internal ideas. Instead, these ideas go straight from the person’s (sub)consciousness to a three-dimensional model. The visual model focuses the discussion and gives shy people in a group a reference point. Additionally, Denio states, Lego makes use of our hand-brain connection.

The article makes some interesting points, linking what we know to be true about Lego Serious Play with the scientific theories to back it up. Denio also includes a few helpful case studies where the power of Lego Serious Play becomes apparent.

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